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About the Book


...his way

 By Nicola Irvine


In this insightful book by Nicky Irvine, you will read a raw, honest account of the lessons Nicky has discovered in raising her non-verbal disabled teenage son, Thomas.



Nicky's passions overflow she shares her knowing that people are social beings and have a deep need to connect with each other; every individual deserves to be heard regardless of the way they reach out to others.

"As the tears poured I noticed that my thoughts and emotions clarified I felt I would rather die than speak the truth about what was happening with Thomas:


  • I feared he would be taken away from me.

  • I feared doctors would drug him so I would not know who he was.

  • I feared his spirit would be lost to the world of medicine.

  • I feared that I was not a good mother." Nicky Irvine


If you can relate to these comments, rest assured you are not a bad mother and your child/ren are perfect just the way they are. Yes, your life is an endless test of love, patience, endurance and insights and you are not alone.


If you or someone you know is living with children with disabilities, this book will reassure them that there are others experiencing their fears, frustrations, insights and hopes and living continually with shaken equilibrium and stress.


Communication His Way is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, giggle and absolutely amazed in Thomas's journey and growth.


If you read one book this month, make it this one.



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About the Book




The struggles and triumphs of living with a boy with disabilities.


By Nicola Clark


Do you sometimes question why things turn out the way they do?

Are you guilty of regularly asking, why me?


In this honest and at times raw and emotional account of the story of a young boy called Thomas, you will read a first-hand account of a mother’s journey and the struggles and triumphs of living with a boy with disabilities. 


Nicola Clark shares the highs and lows of her extremely challenging yet at the same time empowering life which she has travelled with her inspirational son Thomas. A journey which has been the catalyst for her to face her fears and awaken to the truth of her inner self. Over time she came to see Thomas’s illness as a gift enabling her to become the individual she was born to be.


This book has been written to assist others facing similar situations or those who often ask, why me when things don’t go to plan. Nicola has been willing to share her vulnerability from the perspective of an individual who has learned through pain to speak and write openly from the heart. In doing so she empowers others to do the same.


In addition many of the people in Thomas’s life have contributed their experiences to the book and the transformative effect Thomas has had on their lives.


This book will at times make you laugh, cry, empathize, be astounded and humbled as you share the experience of a mother’s inner strength, knowing and love for her inspiring and courageous son Thomas.


If you only read one empowering book this year, make it this one!


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