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About the Author

Nicola Irvine previously known as Nicola Clark was born in New Zealand and lived over 22 years in Asia. She first worked as a chartered accountant working for Ernst & Young, Broken Hill Proprietary and HSBC.


Although a respectable and financially rewarding career it was not until her life was completely turned upside down by unforeseen circumstances that she discovered her true vocational passion. A passion that began out of a situation of sheer agony when in 1998 living in Hong Kong, she learned that her beautiful, perfect 9 and a half month old son contracted meningitis, leaving him with bilateral deafness, epilepsy and global delay, to list only a few of his many challenges. It was then that Nicola’s life took on a whole new role, that of being a mother to a ‘special needs’ boy. Despite a dim prognosis and doctors who saw little hope for improvement in his condition Nicola had no intention of giving up on her son. She began a marathon of therapies, traditional as well as alternative ways to achieve any amount of improvement and shared these methods, hopes and dreams with like-minded groups, several which she herself initiated, all in the hopes of sharing and assisting others in similar circumstances.


The enormous impact of what happened to her son Thomas took on a surprising life of its own, one which was rich in opportunities she could never have thought possible. She could now at long last see the situation as a valuable and priceless gift to make a difference in the way individuals with challenges are perceived and treated in society.


In 2006 Nicola co-founded ‘The White Rose Family Foundation’ (WRFF), a registered Hong Kong charity that worked effortlessly to integrate children with mental and physical challenges into the community. For 7 years WRFF successfully funded various developmental courses and after school activities through raised funds and charitable donations.


Whilst in Hong Kong, Nicola served for 3 years as a Community Member on the West Island School council in Hong Kong. As well as serving 3 years on the English Schools Foundation Board of Governors, Hong Kong.


Nicola works as a trained Journey Practitioner. ‘The Journey’ is a process that assists individuals to unblock emotional issues which may be stunting their full potential. Nicola’s own past Journey work assisted her greatly in being far more open and truthful. In turn, reaching out to others with an open heart has acted to amplify her levels of compassion and love for all those seeking a way to experience joy even through adversity.


Now living back in New Zealand with Thomas, Nicola is starting up a practice called Silent Gifts. ‘Silent Gifts’ offers the opportunity for families, carers and interested individuals of special needs children and teens to be heard. Nicola understands well the 24/7 nature of the job, caring and living with a special needs child or teen. It can be an emotional roller coaster but you are not alone. She offers one on one sessions as well as support groups.


Nicola currently works part-time as an Information Advisor for Disability Connect formerly known as The Parent and Family Resource Centre Inc. There, she advises individuals with disabilities and their families about the disability sector in New Zealand.



Speaking Engagements and Book Launches


Nicola Irvine is available to speak at conferences, seminars and corporate events about her extraordinary journey.

She is also available for book launches in your region.

For more information and to discuss your specific requirements, availability of dates etc. please contact:

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